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Eliza Lampert (’24) is a junior at Latin and is looking forward to serving as one of this year’s Editors-in-Chief. During her time writing for The Forum, she has covered the journey of Latin’s faculty union, the impact of the pandemic on the community, and broader national and international topics that extend beyond Latin. The Forum has been a wonderful place for her to connect with other students and faculty while bettering her skills as a writer and as an ethical journalist. Eliza encourages all students to use their voices to express beliefs and opinions in The Forum; it can be an incredible platform to share perspectives with the community. Along with journalism, she sings, takes classical vocal lessons, plays piano and bass, takes part in the swim team, Jewish Student Connection, music club, and is always happy to sit down with a good book.

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On May 2, a Supreme Court draft was leaked exposing their intentions of overruling Roe v. Wade.

A Plea For Roe

May 18, 2022
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Eliza Lampert