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Student of the Week: Aidan Hart

Aidan Hart
Senior Aidan Hart reflects on how he wants to be remembered at Latin: “Aidan, he was always a super nice kid.”

This week, meet senior, track state qualifier, Miles Morales fan, and former Latin basketball player Aidan Hart.

Scarlet Gitelson (SG): What music would be playing during your superhero montage?

Aidan Hart (AH): Definitely some Kendrick Lamar. I’d say [“To Pimp a Butterfly”] —something from there.

SG: What’s your favorite lunch served in the cafeteria?

AH: Any sort of bowl, so like if they have a beef bowl or any sort of stir fry, that’s probably my favorite.

SG: What’s your favorite place to study at school?

AH: Definitely the Pit.

SG: What’s your favorite movie and why?

AH: My favorite movie is definitely Miles Morales—”Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”—probably just because I’m a big cartoon person. I like animation, but also I like the story a lot and the music. And the movie’s relevant and really good.

SG: Who has been most important in your life and why?

AH: I’d probably say my older brother, just because, growing up, he was always a really good role model for me. I would just follow whatever he did—whatever he did, I did—so I feel like he’s definitely had the biggest impact on my life.

SG: What do you want people to remember you by at Latin?

AH: Just, “Oh yeah, Aidan, he was always a super nice kid. He said ‘hi’ to me in the hallways.” All that—I feel like that’s the best thing.

SG: What has been your favorite moment of this year so far?

AH: I would say probably track season. So far it’s been the best moments, [and] it’s really rewarding just seeing all the work pay off.

SG: Do you play any other sports?

AH: I also played basketball, but I had a little injury, so I had to sit out. But it was better for track.

SG: If you could do whatever you wanted for one day, what would it be?

AH: Probably go to the Pyramids or something like that, just to see Egypt or some tourist thing.

SG: What place would you most want to visit?

AH: Right now, probably somewhere in Africa. I’ve been there twice, but the first time I went was touristy, and the second time I went was more in the culture—I went to Rwanda. But I would want to go on a better safari, because the first time it wasn’t a great safari, so I would do that again.

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Scarlet Gitelson
Scarlet Gitelson, News Editor
Scarlet Gitelson (‘26) is delighted to be serving as one of this year’s News Editors. Within her writing, she seeks to explore and understand Latin’s community, and she hopes to enable other writers to get to know the school through their work. Covering content as far-reaching as Marvel movies, History classes, and college rankings, Scarlet isn’t afraid to step outside her comfort zone to reach the heart of a story. When she isn’t writing for The Forum, Scarlet can be found competing on Latin’s math, scholastic bowl, robotics, and ultimate frisbee teams, playing snare drum and marimba, re-watching Spider-Man for the fifth time, or diving into a good book.

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