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Screenshot of Latin Barstool poll: Canvas vs. RomanNet
Romans’ Icy Response to Canvas
Natalie Arora, Staff Writer • September 18, 2022

With every new school year comes some level of uncertainty and mayhem, and this year, an academic tool intended to create order has erupted with its own...

SBGBook: the website where students can view the grades they have received on assessments throughout the year
The Limit Does Not Exist -- Innovative SBA Grading Expands to Math Department
Natasha Benjamin, Staff Writer • September 15, 2022

The Latin community has witnessed quite a few changes this year: no more masks or weekly COVID testing, “Dorito desks,” and a new Head of School. The...

Take My Breath Away (or Not): Ladner Talks Top Gun
Take My Breath Away (or Not): Ladner Talks Top Gun
Luca Ladner, Staff Writer • September 15, 2022

**CONTAINS SPOILERS** In 1986, Tony Scott directed an action-packed Top Gun with 24-year-old hotshot Tom Cruise. After initially mixed reviews,...

Michael and Ryder in the middle of the finished flag.
A World Record for a Good Cause: Latin Students Unite for Ukraine
Olivia Harris, Staff Writer • September 15, 2022

Over this past summer, sophomores Ryder Shiffman and Michael Kotcher built a mosaic of the Ukrainian flag made entirely of cereal boxes. They...

Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman)
Thor: Love and Thunder Broke My Heart
Cole Hanover, Staff Writer • September 15, 2022

As passionate as I can be about movie opinions, I’ll always love cinema no matter what. Why, you ask? Because there’s way more likely a chance...

Seniors are tasked with college applications and homework over the summer.
Latin Should Say Goodbye to Summer Homework
Matthew Kotcher, Arts Editor • September 15, 2022

Summer homework detracts from the ability to fully recharge during break. While Latin has made strides to scale summer assignments back, I propose...

The sign indicates the locked fourth-floor door, preventing students from entering the quiet study space.
Latin Closes Doors for Students
Caroline McHugh, Staff Writer • September 15, 2022

During the first 45 minutes of the 2022-23 school year, deans Nick Baer and Bridget Hennessy revealed a shocking, life-altering change that sparked...

Seniors hold up their final ranking in their fantasy football league at Prom 2022.
Fantasy Football Floods Foreseeable Future
Spencer Stein and Dylan Flohr September 15, 2022

Nothing brings a group of friends together quite like fantasy football. The combination of pride, humiliation, and a grand prize make for an...

Illustration by Elro Starr: Ms. Maajid believes strongly that representations can help set students up to succeed in school.
Representation: Creating More Mirrors at Latin
Marin Creamer, Editor-in-Chief
Illustration by Elro Starr: Two summers ago, Latin students used their voices to demand perpetrators of discriminatory behaviors at the school be held accountable. Now, accountability is one of Latins five DEI priorities.
Accountability: Ensuring That Actions Have Consequences
Armaan Shah, News Editor
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