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Latin’s New White Affinity Group

"The new affinity group hopes that even if white students choose to keep their 'free period,' they do so thoughtfully. Lulu said, 'it’s there for people to recognize the privilege that they have to have that free period,' and Ms. LC agrees." Keep Reading

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Lincoln Park’s Teacher Firings Spark Student Outrage

"Outrage spread rapidly among the students at Lincoln Park High School when CPS fired the school’s new principal, Mr. Thuet, and the assistant principal, Ms. Brumfield. The two were let go in response to allegations of varsity basketball team members’ sexual misconduct, but the email sent out by CPS gave little information on the subject." Keep Reading

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Coronavirus Anxieties Reach Latin

"An interesting and worrisome factor at Latin when discussing the virus is the fact that there is a project week visiting Tokyo. As a majority of the people carrying the virus live in China, going to a nearby country with students can be a threat." Keep Reading

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The Supposed Rise In PWeek Dropouts

"With one-of-a-kind opportunities from leather making in Chicago to spelunking in Mallorca, why do students feel like people have been dropping out and switching trips more than ever?" Keep Reading

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Students’ Thoughts on MaiaLearning

"While the school has chosen this site with positive intentions, the Latin community seems to find it difficult to determine whether or not they consider Maia Learning a valuable resource." Keep Reading

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A Newsletter from MFOL

"As a chapter of MFOL, our mission statement is to facilitate conversations about guns and safety; to endeavor to raise awareness about gun violence in Chicago." Keep Reading

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Spring Sports Are on the Horizon

Marin Creamer, Staff Writer As the snow begins to clear up, and winter athletics come to a close, Latin’s spring athletes look forward to their upcoming seasons. With the beginning of open gyms, athletes can anticipate the performance of their team and reflect on their previous season. After a rough season…… Keep Reading

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Athlete of the Issue: Molly Canfield

Nina Burik, Staff Writer After much dedication and tenacity, Molly Canfield’s hard work has paid off. Just a few weeks ago, Canfield, a junior, committed to Baylor University’s equestrian team. It is evident that her journey to Baylor was one of much internal conflict. “Whether or not to ride in college…… Keep Reading

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The Peculiar Subjectivity of ‘Identity’

"Out of all the possible combinations for an inter-racial couple, my parents have the most ironic mix in terms of American history: white and black; yang and yin; light and dark; day and night; sun and moon; ice and fire. To 19th century Americans, we would be a cursed family,… Keep Reading

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Selling Myself Short

"It wasn’t until there was a tangible cost to my self-deprecation that I realized my definition of humility was too wide. Humility, to me, meant underselling myself just enough and being very careful not to overestimate my performance."… Keep Reading

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