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Easter Prom Dresses vs. Traditional Prom Dresses: What’s the Difference?

Zoe Cartwright
With Prom right around the corner, students have begun to shop for dresses, raising questions about what constitutes a Prom dress.

If you’re a high school student scrolling through TikTok during Prom season, chances are you have heard about the Easter Prom Dress trend. Are they cute? Are they glam enough? With many different comment sections bashing the idea of the “Easter Prom Dress,” it raises the question of whether it really matters, as long as you’re having fun.

“Easter Prom Dresses” are depicted as floral, springtime dresses which are—you guessed it—most likely seen at Easter. Jesus’ resurrection is mentioned while describing these dresses because of the timely manner in which Easter is celebrated, before Prom, and the likely chance that perhaps you have worn some of these dresses during Easter, too.

The discussion began after high school girls began posting their dresses on “PromTok” or Prom TikTok. Then users would comment on the trend change, hence gaining the new topic “Easter Prom Dress.”

The word “traditional” has been used to describe the “normal” Prom dresses in comparison to the “Easter Prom Dresses,” but how does one even define a “traditional” Prom dress?

Junior Avani Shah had trouble defining it. “Maybe something formal?” she said.

The truth is, there are so many criteria for what a Prom dress can be and what it’s not. How can anyone truly comment on traditional versus Easter dresses when they can’t even define a traditional dress? On the other hand, freshman Klein Khim had a solid grasp on the difference between the styles of dresses. “The only criteria for a traditional Prom dress is that it is floor length, but other than that it can be tailored to the wearer’s preferences,” she said. “[Easter dresses] don’t change much with the shape of the dress, just a more subdued choice of color and pattern.” “I think the Easter Prom Dress trend is really cool, it takes a different approach away from the typical glammed-up Prom dress and opts for a ‘softer’ look,” Klein said.

Not everyone feels the same as Klein, though.

“Some of the dresses I really like, but I feel like Prom is the time to be extravagant and show off. Some of the Easter Prom dresses are just too casual. The whole point of Prom is to dress up,” Avani said.

Sophomore Vivian Lee, although not yet old enough to go to Prom, is already thinking about the kind of dress she wants.

“I personally like the more normal Prom dresses, because I think it’s good to keep tradition, plus I like the sparkles,” she said. “Prom is only a two-time thing [at Latin]. I want it to be special rather than wasting the moment on a dress that I could wear anywhere, l but I don’t think people should care what other people wear as long as they feel good in what they’re wearing.”

For as long as Prom has existed, Prom dresses have been huge reflections of the ever-changing fashion trends and societal norms. There is no “traditional” Prom dress because styles and trends are constantly changing. Whether your dress is classified as an Easter Prom Dress or not, as long as you’re having fun and looking great wearing it, it’s as Prom as Prom dresses get.

People shouldn’t be concerned about what other people want them to wear for Prom. As long as the dress doesn’t offend anyone’s identities, and you feel comfortable wearing it, you should wear it. You could probably wear a garbage bag if you’re up for it. There should be no debate about what a Prom dress is and what it isn’t, because the dress is a reflection of you. When picking out your Prom dress, you shouldn’t think about whether it’s “traditional.” You should be thinking about whether you love it because you’re going to wear it.

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