Letter from the Editors: 12.4.16


One more week left of real school, and then it’s just finals and then we’re done. Wow, I’ve never said that out loud before. We will be on break in 11 days. When you’re stressed just go to the mirror and say that a few times. Trust me, it works. I certainly am thankful for winter break. And, in the spirit of thanks, and Thanksgiving (which went by way too fast), Lauren and I wanted to feature a reflection from Freshman I’deyah Ricketts. It gets stressful and unbearable at times, but we should all be thankful for this community (and Charlie Moss for his BUZZER BEATER). Happy Reading, Happy Forum, Happy Final-Two-Weeks, Happy Homework Break, L&J From I’deyah Ricketts: Last week at Latin was all about celebrating Thanksgiving amongst the community and giving thanks to those we cared about. Latin began with the opening of the Post-It board outside the cafeteria in which students were encouraged to “value kindness, caring, and sharing” by sticking a kind message on the board. These messages ranged from shoutouts to simple phrases just to cheer anyone up who happened to walk by and read. In the spirit of giving thanks, this Post-It board was a great display of the Latin community. Then, on Monday, an assembly was held in the theatre amongst the Upper School in which messages were read from students of who and what they were thankful for. This was moving for students or teachers as they received numerous shoutouts of people highlighting why they were thankful for them and it opened up eyes to why Thanksgiving is such a magical holiday. As you can tell, Thanksgiving is important for the Latin community and that shows throughout our “Thanksgiving week” that was planned to spread the spirit. Giving thanks is much encouraged and supported as we believe that to boost students, you must always stay kind and grateful. Freshman, Rose Branson, brings up that “I would have like to hear more of what people said they were thankful for but I liked the idea of the assembly” which brings up the idea of an extended gathering or celebration for future celebrations, yet since student government also included games, a dance, and more in the assembly, I thought the time length was great. The assembly also included a Juju on that Beat dance that Jacksyn Sallay enjoyed as she mentioned, “I thought the dance was amazing and it was nice to hear what people were thankful for” showing the diversity of the assembly was enjoyable. Overall, as I talked to Latin students, they all enjoyed the assembly and found it amazing that they could show what hey we’re thankful for. For them, gratitude really helped ease the stress of homework and tests that they had to endure throughout the week as Briannah Cook stated, “The fun assembly allowed me to forget about the burdens of school life and I loved that.” As holiday celebrations continue, assembly’s are valued amongst student and this Thanksgiving week was definitely a success.]]>