Letter From the Editors: 5.2.2022


Forum readers,

Silence and uncertainty have loomed over the Latin community in the wake of a lawsuit so loud it has become the subject of national news. It is possible that you opened this edition of our paper with the expectation of finding coverage of this most sensitive subject. However, we have decided not to publish any news or commentary on the topic for the time being.

As journalists, we have an obligation to minimize harm, and we believe that further publicizing the complicated situation that our community currently faces would produce the opposite effect.

This is not to say that we support the lack of conversation surrounding this matter. Those involved in the case, including several administrators, counselors, and teachers at Latin, are constrained in what they can say as a result of the lawsuit, hampering the transparency students long for and limiting the resources available for those who are understandably struggling.

It is our hope to see the school facilitate healing in a more direct manner, which begins by initiating open dialogue within Latin’s walls. Ultimately, the tragic events and their broader impact resonate personally with much of the Latin community; ideally, the school would address them as such.

Editors-in-Chief Eden, Marin, and McKenna