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The Forum, established in 1966 (although its predecessor, Latin News, began in the early 1900s), is Latin’s Upper School newspaper. Its public website launched in February 2020, and new editions are typically published on the 1st and 15th of every month during the school year.

The publication primarily covers news, features, arts, and sports on campus, but it also covers local, national, and global news with a focus on perspectives from the Latin community. The Forum is an independent, student-run publication that seeks (1) to inform and engage the broader Latin community by reporting purposeful stories with compassion and journalistic integrity; (2) to provide a platform for students to share their experiences and express their opinions; and (3) to create a forum for the community to discuss some of the school’s—and the world’s—most pertinent issues.

We are always eager to add to our staff, so if you are interested in writing, please email us at [email protected] or reach out to one of the current Editors-in-Chief (or check out the “Join The Forum” section on our website!).

Make sure to also follow us on Instagram (@latinschoolforum).

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