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Student of the Week: Will Turula

Will Turula
“I just want to be real with people,” senior Will Turula said.

Meet this week’s—and this year’s final—Student of The Week: senior, science enthusiast, and dog lover Will Turula.

Scarlet Gitelson (SG): What’s your favorite lunch served in the cafeteria?

Will Turula (WT): That’s hard to know, because I love going to the kiosk all the time, and I love going out to Chipotle. Pasta’s always a good option.

SG: Where’s your favorite place to hang out at school?

WT: Definitely here in the senior locker bay. We’re always with friends, we’re playing Coup, different card games. Just hanging out, sometimes studying, but it’s senior year at the end of the day.

SG: If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be and why?

WT: I already have two dogs. I’d honestly be happy with another dog, too, even though I already have two. I love my dogs, they’re great, and they’re not too much to take care of, which is good. I don’t want something that’s going to be hard to take care of, and something I can travel with too, like I can take my dogs on the plane and stuff like that.

SG: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

WT: Definitely a dog person. Part of that too is my family is also very allergic to cats, so we can really not do that as much, but dogs are great. I’ve definitely enjoyed having them.

SG: What’s your favorite TV show and why?

WT: I’ve been binging a lot of shows lately, but “Hell’s Kitchen” is really great. I’ve seen all 22 seasons of the show probably three times over at least. It’s great. And as for why, I guess I just love getting into all the drama. I can’t cook a damn thing, which is actually kind of funny, but it’s also fun to watch. It’s lots of drama.

SG: What have you been most proud of during your time at Latin?

WT: I’d have to say taking Mr. Van’s Hon Accel class because I think it pushed me so far beyond what I thought possible of myself. I know now, after taking that—since I took that class and survived it, I know I can do anything now. Nothing compares to how hard that was. I know now that sort of work ethic and what that requires. I think it definitely was a big wake-up call, especially to have sophomore year. That was definitely great.

SG: What’s a memory that you wish you could hold onto forever?

WT: The time I’ve had with my friends, especially throughout high school. We’ve got a really good group. It’s a big group, and I really like how we’re all just there for each other [and] we’re happy for each other. We’re all very different in our own ways, but we all really enjoy spending time with each other, which is really nice. It’s something I really hope to have at college next year, and I really think that it’s been great, just the way we’ve been doing that. We have a lot of similarities in some ways too that help us relate to each other. It’s just really been a great experience.

SG: What’s the thing in the next year that you’re most looking forward to?

WT: Taking classes at college. I just got accepted into a science honors program at USC, so I’ll be taking an honors version of introductory bio and introductory chem, with a focus on research. It’s a small cohort of kids, so I’ll be meeting kids kind of like me who are really into that stuff, so that’ll be really nice. I’m excited for that. I’m also just excited to be going to a different city, too, exploring LA, going to the beach, stuff like that. And just making new friends, because I love meeting new people.

SG: What do you want people to remember you by at Latin?

WT: I just kind of want people to remember me by like the way that I just enjoyed the simple things, even with respect to academics. I really enjoyed all of my classes. I would say, if I look back at my time at Latin, there isn’t one class where I’d say, “Oh I didn’t learn anything in it” or “I didn’t have any fun experiences.” All of my classes I absolutely loved, and same with teachers—my teachers were absolutely great. I just really learned to appreciate everything as really really special.

I [also] know a lot of people remember me by my love of science. That’s definitely a big thing, because I’ve taken like seven different science classes throughout my time at high school.

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Scarlet Gitelson
Scarlet Gitelson, News Editor
Scarlet Gitelson (‘26) is delighted to be serving as one of this year’s News Editors. Within her writing, she seeks to explore and understand Latin’s community, and she hopes to enable other writers to get to know the school through their work. Covering content as far-reaching as Marvel movies, History classes, and college rankings, Scarlet isn’t afraid to step outside her comfort zone to reach the heart of a story. When she isn’t writing for The Forum, Scarlet can be found competing on Latin’s math, scholastic bowl, robotics, and ultimate frisbee teams, playing snare drum and marimba, re-watching Spider-Man for the fifth time, or diving into a good book.

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