Student of the Week: Zuhair Alsikafi


Zuhair Alsikafi

Senior Zuhair Alsikafi, asked how he wants to be remembered at Latin, replied, “Hopefully that I brought a smile to their faces.”

This week’s Student of the Week, senior Zuhair Alsikafi, who has a passion for human rights and public policy and is a member of Latin’s state champion tennis team.

Scarlet Gitelson (SG): What’s your favorite thing to get from the kiosk?

Zuhair Alsikafi (ZA): Probably just chocolate milk. I don’t go to the kiosk very frequently.

SG: Where’s your go-to place to spend time at school?

ZA: The senior tables.

SG: Why senior tables in particular?

ZA: Normally people are sitting there, so it’s just socializing, and it’s near all my classes so it’s convenient.

SG: What would be your advice to a new student at Latin?

ZA: My advice would be take the classes that you are interested in or take classes with teachers that you like. It makes the work a lot more enjoyable, or you feel like you like the teacher so you feel like you have to do the work.

SG: What are you most proud of?

ZA: I’m most proud of the relationships I’ve built during high school.

SG: What kind of things do you spend your time on? What’s interesting to you?

ZA: I spend a lot of time playing video games, socializing with people, but I think before I became a second semester senior, I spent a lot of time working for the mayor’s office, doing stuff for them as part of a youth advisory group. I spent a lot of time just exploring my academic interests in human rights or public policy.

SG: What do you think you want people to remember you by, at Latin or in general?

ZA: Hopefully that I brought a smile to their faces.

SG: What’s your favorite Latin tradition?

ZA: I always enjoyed the big Homecoming games because I played in them, but I could definitely understand if people did not enjoy them. I just liked playing in them, and I played every time we had them while we were at Latin because we didn’t have them freshman year. That was my favorite tradition at Latin, but actually from Lower School my favorite tradition was Romans Run, where at the Homecoming games all the little kids run a race. I always thought that was a lot of fun.