Student of the Week: Grayson Anderson


Grayson Anderson

Sophomore Grayson Anderson is this week’s Student of the Week

For this week’s student of the week, meet sophomore Grayson Anderson: Spider-Man enthusiast, Tech Club head, and a participant in last year’s Madrid exchange.

Scarlet Gitelson (SG): What’s your favorite movie and why?

Grayson Anderson (GA): Probably “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” I saw that one on release night, so it was something really special to me to go and see it the day it came out.

SG: What would be playing during your superhero montage?

GA: I don’t know if it’s one specific song, but I like any fast-paced hip-hop or just any pop song that’s fast paced.

SG: Any particular artists?

GA: Staying on track with Spider-Man, maybe Kendrick Lamar.

SG: What’s your favorite place to hang out at school?

GA: Definitely the fifth floor corner outside of the gym.

SG: What’s been your favorite part of this year so far?

GA: Being able to be a co-host of Tech Club. It’s really fun getting to organize the meetings and set up projects.

SG: What are some of the projects you’ve done through that?

GA: Working on setting up an LED board in the Learning Commons is something really fun to do, and it’s exciting to know it’s about to be done.

SG: If you could do whatever you wanted for one day, what would it be and why?

GA: I would take a vacation to Europe—I would love to go see some European places.

SG: What interests you about that?

GA: I really like some of the European cities. I was on the Spain exchange last year, and it was a lot of fun getting to see Madrid, so I want to go see some other cities now.

SG: What was the exchange like?

GA: It was a lot of fun. I got to spend 14 days—it was basically just me and my friends doing stupid things in Europe. But it was a lot of fun—they had really good food there.

SG: What’s something about your life now that looks different than you would’ve expected three years ago?

GA: Even being at Latin—I don’t know if I ever expected to go to Latin as my number one choice, but I ended up going here outside of the Middle School. I came in the Middle School, but I was deciding if I wanted to leave or stay here. And I’m really glad that I did, but I had no idea where I was going to go for high school.