Mathlete of the Issue: Tushar Patel


Marianne Mihas On May 5th, Tushar Patel—the freshman computer genius—competed with the Latin Math Team at math state, where they earned second place. Tushar got third place in the individual Algebra 1 competition and was one of the eight members who won the Freshman/Sophomore team competition. Tushar loves the pressure of math—particularly in competition as it gives him a “great adrenaline rush.” He explained that the most physically taxing part of the whole math team experience was “having to walk from building to building to compete in different competitions.” He promises he’s not lazy. Tushar has always been interested in math, so naturally he is an active member on the math team and in Latin’s math community. Peter Jones, a classmate of Tushar in geometry, said he is “an incredibly bright kid and even despite his crazy math skills, he still stays modest and is eager to help his classmates understand the material if they don’t get it at first.” Tushar’s talents are not limited to math; he is talented a physics and computer science student and is also a member of the volleyball team. According to Tushar, “being on the volleyball team is way harder than math, but is also very fun and exciting!” Latin has an outstanding math program, and Tushar is just one of the many amazing mathletes at our school. Next time you see a mathlete walking down the halls, make sure to thank them for their stellar representation of our school. Go MATHLETICS!  ]]>