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The 2010s: A Decade in Review

Tejas Vadali Co-Managing Editor As the end of the decade approaches, some time for introspection is in order. The 2010s have seen college-bound seniors grow from children to adults. They have seen the rises and falls of countless internet trends that have catalyzed mass media beyond belief. They have factionalized… Keep Reading

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Peter for the People

With two girls running as Democrats and Peter as an Independent, it seemed unlikely for him to win over a crowd of majority Democrat high schoolers. However, Peter’s lack of a party validated the authenticity of his statements, and was refreshing for students living in a time where parties are so polarized. Keep Reading

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An In-Depth Look at the Chilean Protests

"When the Metro fare was raised, the Minister of Economy at the time suggested that people wake up earlier to get discounted prices on public transport. This led to the first protest, which consisted of mass fare evasion; people would leap over and, in some cases, break the turnstiles leading to subway stations. This soon spiraled into more violent demonstrations when the police responded to the fare evasion with force." Keep Reading

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The Truth Behind Latin’s Enrollment Expansion

"The current sophomores entered the upper school with a brand-new locker bay, cafeteria, study space, and bridge. Despite the numerous renovations, the building itself did not expand, resulting in noticeably longer lunch lines, more crowded community spaces, and escalating noise levels." Keep Reading

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