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Sonny Lim, Latin’s Newest Addition to the Athletic Department


by Paige Hosbein, Media Editor
Over the last decade, the Latin Athletic Department has seen a host of changes, among them facility renovations and coaching turnovers. The latest one is the new Director of Athletics Sonny Lim, a sideline presence at games, races, and matches. Lim’s predecessor, Tom Bower, served Latin for 38 years, leaving rather large shoes to fill. But with a career that has spanned more than twenty years, Lim is more than capable of serving Latin’s athletic community. 
He is known for his integrity, leadership, and student-centered focus, as well as his life motto “pride, poise, and purpose.” Most recently, Mr. Lim worked at The American School in Switzerland, although he has held administrative and teaching positions at several other international schools including Amman Baccalaureate School in Amman, Jordan, Beijing City International School in Beijing, China and the International School of Karachi in Karachi, Pakistan. “Being international was an amazing experience because I am so curious. It provided me with so many different opportunities,” Lim said. “Staying in one place for so long can cause tunnel vision. I embrace the diversity that is out there in the world with a commonality of sports.”
“Because he brings different experiences, he is able to look at situations in a different way than we have,” noted Assistant AD Ms. Tortorello-Nelson. “He’s willing to go the extra mile to solve a problem.”
Raised in a single-mother household with four sisters in Oregon, Lim turned to coaches and educators for mentors outside of the family. “I can’t name one [coach]; I can name a dozen that were instrumental in my success. In a way, my coaches have been like a second parent.”
Bit by bit, he has begun to pursue the visions he had  when coming into the job. His first priority is to look at the equity among the different sports, looking at seasons. “We have a lot of sports in the fall and the spring, but not quite as many in the winter. So, this year, we are launching Winter Wrestling Club and Indoor Track and Field Club.”
Senior and Co-Captain of varsity softball Olivia Hirshorn likes what Lim has brought to Latin. “He has done a great job of facilitating an environment of cultivating leadership while having fun,” she said. Senior and Co-Captain of golf Kendal Seymore added, “He is clearly committed to bettering every sport, which is why he brought in a speaker personalized to the golf team for the first time in my golf career.”
Beyond all, the student body appreciates his positive demeanor. “I love that he cheers us on at so many cross country meets. He even got the whole team lunch from Panera!” said sophomore Peter Callihane. Freshman Kimiko Darcy echoed the same feelings: “I like that he says hi to me in the hallway and is always smiling,” she said. With Lim at the forefront, the Athletic Department appears to remain in good hands.

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  • B

    beaparrNov 17, 2019 at 11:50 pm

    Such a well written piece! Mr. Lim does an amazing job of making all teams feel supported—we are so lucky to have him.

  • R

    Robert IgbokweNov 17, 2019 at 9:44 pm

    What a thorough and well-written piece, Paige!! 🙂 🙂 Mr. Lim sounds like a wonderful person!! I, unfortunately, haven’t met him in person yet but I can’t wait to!