Tokyo and Rome Project Weeks Cancelled Over Coronavirus Concerns

Beatrice Parr, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Last night, Latin’s Tokyo and Rome project weeks were cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. In this morning’s emails to students and their families, Mr. Greer highlighted the significant chance that U.S. travel warnings increase to a Level 3 advisory, the potential lack of access to tourist sites, and the risk of return travel issues. As of now, families on the project weeks will not be refunded the full amount paid, but the school is doing their best to recover funds. Mr. Greer assures students that will now be staying in town: “Our colleagues are hard at work developing a meaningful experience for you in its place.” While the situation is less than ideal, students are understanding, and Junior Bianca Arriaga, who was on the Italy trip, says, “Ultimately, I think that the administration did the right thing, but it does suck just because it sounded like a really fun project week, and I was really excited to go.”