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Unrest in Iran—and Teens’ Unorthodox Coping Mechanism

Bea Parr, co-Editor Tensions between the United States and Iran escalated when the US killed Qasem Soleimani in a targeted drone strike as he travelled through Iraq on January third. Soleimani was a powerful Iran general, has been sending military groups to attack US bases since the US invaded Iraq in… Keep Reading

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Are Advanced Placement Tests a Scam?

Jessica Flohr, Staff Writer  The month of May can be a chaotic time. As the end of school approaches, teachers load on quizzes and tests and projects while students count down the days until summer. However, May is more than just a month of regular school work. For many juniors and… Keep Reading

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The Consequences of Latin’s Small Size

Peter Jones, co-Editor With each edition, editors of The Forum try to bring a variety of news articles on Latin-centric topics, but oftentimes, “news” at our school becomes common knowledge within minutes. This consequence of Latin’s small, tightly knit community is only one of several, though. From athletics to social dynamics,… Keep Reading

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Would Women be Drafted?

McKenna Fellows, Staff Writer History has dictated that women be excluded from military drafts as a result of job limitations within the service. However, considering the great steps the United States has taken over the past decades, a new question has been raised regarding a woman’s right to serve, and it… Keep Reading

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On Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes Monologue

Jay Doherty, Staff Writer For the past 5 years, Hollywood’s “Golden Globes” ceremony has imbued comedian Ricky Gervais with the task of hosting. In celebration of his final year emceeing the show, the English comedian made it clear he was not going to hold back poking fun at Hollywood actors and… Keep Reading

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Latin Winter Sports Update

Eli Aronson, Staff Writer, and Bea Parr, co-Editor Boys Basketball: Boys Basketball is off to a 7-6 start this season. After losing a heartbreaking game at DePaul vs. Parker, the team has rebounded and is starting to play well. “The key moving forward is to get healthy and continue to work on… Keep Reading

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What’s Next for the Patriots?

Eli Aronson, Staff Writer As Tom Brady ran out onto the field on Wild Card Weekend for the first time in a decade, the cold winter fog lowered onto Gillette Stadium, foreshadowing the gloomy days ahead for the most successful NFL franchise of the decade. It didn’t seem right from the… Keep Reading

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