Katz Meow: The Avocado Toast Craze


crem de la crem-–all the rage. While it does have a questionable cadence, as some call it avocado toast while others call it avocado toast, it is nonetheless incredibly flavorful. It can be found on your typical Sunday brunch menu, at trendy popups like The Avocadoria in New York City or can be easily made atop your kitchen counter. Yet, while it is an incredible and life-changing indulgence, it perplexes me to come to a conclusion as to why we haven’t been able to get over this avocado toast phase, that seemingly isn’t such a phase. We have gone through the Baked by Melissa phase, the pumpkin spice phase, the unicorn food phase, the ramen noodle phase, and even the sweet potato phase. So, the question that remains is why can’t we get over this obsession? As senior Daniel Korach puts it, “Basically we are simplistic. Avocado Toast is easy, it’s healthy, it’s basic. Nobody feels the need to deny that.” Restaurants and foodie Instagram accounts like @avocadotoast or @avocadoria would agree with Daniel, as they tend to think they are being unique and providing a nutritious dish by putting a sunny side up egg on top of their toast, maybe some nova lox, or a drizzle of Sriracha, but let’s be honest, it’s getting a little basic at this point. Millennials can’t stop pouring money into the avocado toast industry when realistically speaking, it probably won’t be that popular a few years down the road. I asked junior, MacKenzie Guynn her take on the avo-obsession, and she proceeded to tell me that she believes it’s simply “because it’s become a staple on many different menus all around the world. Now that everyone has been obsessed for so long, nobody can get rid of it.” While I can see what MacKenzie is saying here, there is still an annoying lingo and stigma surrounding the dish. Senior Sophie Woan also gave me her two cents, “Honestly, it’s healthy. When I make avocado toast at home, which I do quite frequently, I use Ezekiel bread, which is basically a good version of whole wheat, prosciutto, mashed avocado, and I put a poached egg on top which is surprisingly really easy to make. After that, you just sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top and you’re done.”  Ram Fedeli essentially gave me the same response, “You just put some avocado on a piece of toast.” If you know me, you know I love avocado more than life itself.  I put it on everything, and can’t get enough of it, just like the rest of America. That being said, as my classmates have harped on, the world’s obsession with it is extra for lack of a better word.  At the end of the day, avocado toast is easy, fresh, and healthy, which is exactly what society wants and needs in a dish. Sure, it might be generic, but it fills us up––it gets the job done. So, although it seemed like it would be a phase, maybe it isn’t so bad to have avocado toast stay on our menus or in our lives for a bit longer than we expected.]]>