Calling All Columnists: Column Application for the Forum 2018-2019

The Forum Editorial Board We Need Some New Columns! Are You Ready To Support Us? …Ba Dum Tss Have you ever read a column in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, or any major newspaper? Or perhaps you were an avid reader of the Katz Meow last year in the Forum? Columns can be humorous… or serious… or a little bit of both. They can be about just about anything you’d like. Some involve food, politics, fashion, sports, etc. The possibilities are endless! While we haven’t had many columns in the past, the Forum is hoping to change that this year by introducing a column application. This application is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of if you have written for the Forum before! We want to hear as many creative ideas as possible. You may even submit more than one if you wish! The application will close at 4 P.M. on Wednesday, September 26th (that’s roughly three weeks from now). Below you will find a link to a google form (because who doesn’t love a good google form). First, we ask that you include the proposed title of your column. Next, please write a brief description, one that could be used to explain your column to the rest of the student body (since titles often are not able to achieve this alone).  We also ask that you include one article idea that fits under the umbrella of your suggested column. Finally, we’d love to know your availability in terms of writing! Would you like to write for every issue (twice a month) or once a month? We would obviously love for you to write as much as possible, but we understand that having a column is a large enough commitment as it is, and writing an article every other week can be demanding. We want to work with you to establish something that you can stick to for the whole year. We hope you consider applying to be a columnist in the Forum 2018-2019! The Forum Staff

Link to Google Form: