Rahul Gupta: Meet the New English Teacher

MacKenzie Guynn In the first few weeks of school, new faces always seem to flood the hallways. Students and Teachers that you haven’t seen in the past are everywhere. One of these “newbies” to Latin is Mr. Gupta, an English Teacher. Although he may be a new face for some, Mr. Gupta is not technically new – He taught at Latin during the 2014-2015 school year. This year, he will be teaching two classes of freshmen English and two classes of Eastern & Central European Literature for sophomores. Before coming to Latin, Mr. Gupta taught at Wood Oaks Junior High School in Northbrook as an English teacher for 8th graders. Before Wood Oaks, he graduated from Columbia College in Chicago and spent time doing a number of hobbies. This may mean going for a run, a bike ride, or a yoga class, cooking up a meal, reading a book to brush up on his trivia skills, or going to the movies. He also enjoys Field Hockey and looks forward to coaching the JV Girls’ Field Hockey season. Although I’m sure his time at Wood Oaks was memorable, he is “most excited about teaching amazing students” and “working with THE BEST teachers around.” I mean who can blame him. He’s not necessarily wrong. This excitement in addition to his experience teaching English for six years, has helped him become “fearless” in the sense of moving to a new school and many endeavors in life. If you see Mr. Gupta in the halls during the first few weeks, be sure to say hi! Ask about his favorite restaurants in Logan Square, where he lives, or any random trivia questions. Or maybe even bond over loving field hockey or thinking blue is the best color around. Even if you disagree, he promises that he won’t bite.]]>