Katherine Hannibal: Meet the New Upper School Science Center Lab Manager

Bianca Voss  After just recently graduating with a BS in marine biology from the University of Rhode Island, Ms. Hannibal moved to Chicago to start her new adventure at Latin. You may catch her jumping in and helping science classes with their labs, collaborating with teachers in order to make the best labs possible. Her role as the Upper School Science Lab Manager will greatly benefit the science department and enrich all science classes and students’ experiences. From coast to coast, Ms. Hannibal has brought her love for science and marine biology with her. In her home town Los Angeles, Ms. Hannibal grew up loving ocean life, living close to the Pacific coast. Her favorite animal, you might have wondered, is a Blue Ringed Octopus. Her interest in pursuing a career in science was sparked after the tragedy of the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The calamity left the Gulf’s marine life in horrid conditions, and brought her attention to the dangers our oceans face. Ms. Hannibal knew immediately after the tragedy that she needed to take  initiative and learn more about marine life. Ms. Hannibal is “most looking forward to getting to know the Latin community. Everyone has been so warm and welcoming. It seems like a great environment to be in.” While Ms. Hannibal states that she is looking forward to the impact the Latin community will make on her, she also strives to make a lasting impact on Latin. She hopes to make meaningful interactions with every member of the community, and become involved in the various groups and clubs Latin has to offer. The driving force behind all her work? Her hope that she will leave the world in a better condition than she found it. As a personal mission, she aims to bridge the gap between scientists and the layman. She believes sometimes science is explained and portrayed in complex ways that “non-science” people have trouble understanding. In areas such as climate change, this failure to communicate prevents sufficient allocation of funds and resources. Ms. Hannibal will be an amazing asset to Latin’s science department and community as a whole. When she is not working in the Upper School science center this year, you can find her playing volleyball, hiking, and trying new foods.]]>