Meet the New Upper School Students

El Buchanan, Mackenzie Guynn, and Maddie Cohen   Dimitri Amiridi is a new face at Latin. After moving here from Columbia, South Carolina, where he attended Heathwood Episcopal School, he joined Latin’s sophomore class this fall. Dimitri describes himself as “definitely a numbers person” but also has “a penchant for foreign language” which is why he enjoys his math and Spanish classes. He looks forward to making new friends and lasting experiences as well as learning new things in the areas he is most interested in. His favorite movie is Pacific Rim and he has been fencing for six years. Due to the intelligence of octopi, and Dimitri’s love for the ocean, he would want to be an octopus if he were an animal. Give a warm welcome to Dimitri if you ever see him around school!   Meet Miles! He is a sophomore coming from Lab School. His favorite class is Chemistry because “it just feels like a fun class”. He also loves improv and is looking forward to try out for the next school play. His favorite movie is Fight Club and if he was an animal he would be a Kiwi Bird. Miles is super excited for this year and if you see him in the hallway introduce yourself!     Jenny Park Junior Q: Where are you from and what school did you come from before? A: I am originally from South Korea but I go to school at Woodstock in India. Q: Why did you decide to come to Latin? A:  I was interested in exchange programs and I was looking at all the schools that did them. I had a choice, so I wanted to come to the US. I’d been to Boston and a few other places, but I had never come to Chicago, so I thought Latin would be really interesting. Q: What did you hear about Latin before you came? Has it been all that you expected it would be so far? A: I heard a little bit about Latin before I came—I heard it was very cool and had nice buildings. And it’s all been true. So far, it’s been even better than I expected.  Q: What are you most excited about for this upcoming school year? A: I’m most excited about getting to know people and just exploring Chicago. Q: What are some other things about yourself?  A: I like music and basketball—basically I’m just a fun person!    Brooks Marks Junior Q: Where are you from and what school did you attend previously? A: I previously attended Latin from Junior Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, then went to Brown Middle School in Toronto, Canada for sixth grade. I returned to Latin for Seventh and Eighth grade, then went to Park City High School in Park City, Utah for Freshman and Sophomore year.  Q: How did you hear about Latin and why did you decide to come?  A: I decided to come back to Latin because I enjoyed the Lower and Middle School experiences and my mom is an alumni. Q: What are you most excited about for this upcoming school year? A: This year I’m most looking forward to going to Paris with my Chorus class for project week.   *note: we were unable to get a picture of the new students, but stay tuned for pictures later in the week!  ]]>