Senior Prank: Class of 2014 Hopes to Bring Back Its Glory

Hannah Crane 

While the class of 2014 is infinitely brilliant, we’re having a hard time agreeing on a great senior prank. Mr. Graf vetoed the male strippers, which, I don’t know, seems a little unreasonable. Despite our countless restrictions, we need a prank that 1. Affects the entire school 2. Has shock factor and 3. Gets us out of school

We need to impress. When I told Ol’ Father Crane about senior pranks, he said, “I have a great idea,” his eyes lighting up. “Why don’t you do sort of a teacher appreciation prank?! I got it. You get a huge anchor, place it in front of the school, and write ‘Thanks teachers for keeping us anchored down.’”

Though Glenn should definitely keep his day job, at least his “prank” would mean something. Last year’s seniors set the bar incredibly low by putting cups of water around the junior lockers. God forbid we just manage to pick them up and move them. Oh no, they’re making us stay hydrated! The year before, a group of students ran through the hallways spraying AXE cologne everywhere. Then, a separate group of about four seniors had an unimpressive flashmob in the cafeteria. The only part of their pranks that had shock factor was the amount of hours the kids had to spend on community service due to an asthma attack and a broken table.

This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Graf to talk about his favorite pranks and it turns out that he shared my disappointment in the senior prank at Latin. “It says something that I can’t think of prank that’s outrageously funny that happened while I’ve been Upper School Director.”

One prank Mr. Graf enjoyed happened a few years ago, while Mr. Cronister was principal. Somebody hacked into the computer system and sent out an email saying that Latin had decided to hand out condoms to all the new freshmen. The infamous switching of Latin seniors with Parker seniors was brilliant. My sister’s school got someone to hack into the overhead speakers and play sex noises. We have to do something that people will remember.These ideas were great, but we need something better. The element of surprise is key, so I won’t reveal anything else about our ideas. All I know is we need to come up with something quick before all we have left are two pigs labeled 1 and 3.