Letter from the Editors!

Forum this issue is easily that exam week is finally coming to an end. And, personally, after a week of writing–papers about novellas, short answer questions about Huitzilopochtli, physics labs about stuff we don’t understand anyway–never documenting another word ever again seemed like a viable option. But our staff writers proved to have greater will power than us and allowed us to keep going. So, ultimately, no matter how your week has been turning out, we find it best to always keep in mind all the great things you have to look forward to. While we look forward to a new semester with our magnificent staff, everyone else can look forward to the holidays, Winter Carnival, maybe some snow in the upcoming months, Project Week, and Mr. Gilden’s Maccabi Games Basketball (it is like Israel’s version of the Olympics!) debut in Summer 2013.  Happy Holidays, happy two week hibernation, and congratulations to Mr. Gilden for making the team. With Love, Mehr & Tina]]>