Mularczyk: A Polish American Story

Co-Editor-in-Chief It isn’t everyday that a book gets written about your family. Senior Joe Mularczyk enlightens us about his family’s recent stardom in their new book “Mularcyzk: A Polish American Story.” 1. When did you find out about the book on your grandparents? I knew my grandparents were being interviewed for a story, but I never really though that it would be made the way it did. I got a final copy in my hands last week. 2. Who wrote the book about your grandparents? Do they know your grandparents? Back when we lived in the suburbs, we had a neighbor who lived by himself. Whenever my grandparents visited from Florida they would go over and talk with him occasionally. After a while of hearing their stories, he told us that the stories needed to be written down and maybe made into a book before my grandparents pass away. Besides the times they talked, my grandparents did now know him beforehand. 3. What is the book about? The book has interviews from my grandparents about their lives during the war. My grandfather was in the army and my grandma was in a camp with other little girls. It also looks at how they shaped their lives after the war. 4. What do you think of the book? To be honest I have not finished it yet, but I think it’s kind of neat. I mean I have my families name on the front of a book with a sick cover. I’m sorry but that cover is awesome. 5. What are the stories your grandparents tell in the book? Again, I haven’t read most of it yet, but I’m sure it will include stories of my grandmother in her camp and the story of when my grandfather and his squad claimed the German controlled Monte Casino hill. 6. Where can we buy the book? The book isn’t in stores for sale at this time, but if anyone is interested I boxes of them. Be sure to check out the book over break!]]>