Overheard @ Latin


Nina Burk and Lucy Mitchell Have you ever walked through the hallways of the Latin Upper school and overheard something particularly strange? Funny? Kind? Below is a new collection of overheard quotes from the halls of our very own high school. Enjoy, and feel free to send your own overheard quotes to [email protected] and [email protected] for a chance to be included in the next issue! __ Student 1: “Dude, you’ve scored six points the whole season.” Student 2: “Uh, four.” __ “I saw my teacher walking into Buffalo Wild Wings last night…” __ Student: “We got scissors.” Teacher: “That’s a hole puncher!” __ *Freshman spills tea all over their leg* Student #1: “Everyone will think I peed!” Student #2: “No one is going to think you peed from your shin, bro.” __ Student #1: “Can you pass me my phone?” Student #2: “Which one?” __ “Ugh, I’m so jealous I’m gonna be in California the first time it snows here!”  ]]>