Letter From the Editors: Maddie and Danielle's Goodbye


Dear Future Editors,

Bring bagels. Just because donuts are “in” doesn’t mean that they provide a nutritious breakfast. They don’t have any real substance, and they try to be fancy for no reason. They make the writers feel sick for the rest of the day.

If you have an editorial board meeting in Fript’s office, make sure you’re the first pair to get there. There are only two spinny chairs, and the cushions soften the pain of realizing you’ve forgotten all of the passwords to all of the Forum-related accounts. (Note: check out our four youtube channels!!)

Don’t trust technology. Ever.

It doesn’t matter how much you hate phone calls— you’ll secretly cherish the sound of your co-editor’s voice as you finish posting at 1:00 in the morning.

You’ll develop a sixth sense for knowing when an article’s a “feature.”

Have articles due a week before they’re actually due. Writers start to sweat once they see the facebook post that reads “articles due tonight” and will profusely begin apologizing to you like you’re teacher. It’s funny because that was you a year ago… or earlier today.

Don’t you dare let another club try to take room 525.

Write headlines before your three hour phone call and while your sanity is still in tact. Although there will be the rare diamond in the rough (think of “Hey Mister DJ, Won’t You Turn the Forum Up”), you don’t want to resort to words that you can’t define.

Come to terms with the fact that Fript might never fully understand why people take a “What Homecoming Dress Up Day Are You?” quiz, but know that he loves The Forum just as much as you do.

Your managing editor will be the real MVP. She’s the only one emotionally sane enough to handle getting forwarded the same article three times, the only difference being one comma changed with each new version. You’re going to be jealous that she always has her life together.

Appreciate the other co-editor pair. They get it.

Cherish having a co-editor who doesn’t stand in the way of titles like “Pikachoosing to Say Goodbye to Pokemon Go,” lovingly laughs at you when you confuse “no” and “know,” but still always has your back. You’ll grow so close that teachers become concerned when you’re not walking down the hallway together.

Before you know it, you’ll reach your last issue. And you’ll realize how lucky you are to have spent your past two years with a co-editor who makes hour-long phone calls actually fun, and who you can sit with for hours brainstorming ideas or editing articles. You two are close to telepathically connected, you’ve always been on the same wavelength, and she’s the reason The Forum has been as much fun as it has been.

Most importantly, vow to keep reading it well into adulthood.

Xoxo, Danielle and Maddie ]]>