Letter from the Editors: 10.2.16

Wow. First quarter really hits you hard (@seniors). BOOM! Good thing we’ve got The Forum, though, to make it go down a little easier, and we have an UNBELIEVABLE issue for you this week. When Rishav messaged us on Facebook and asked if he could write an article about YouTube, we just knew that this issue would be one for the record books. But, Rishav is just one of many writers who wrote for this issue. SHOUTOUT to freshmen Alice Bolandhemat, Eriko Darcy, I’deyah Ricketts, Alberto Lopez, and Clare Hardiman for writing some amazing articles! And, obviously, there are tons more that are JUST as good. So make yourself some popcorn, grab your headphones (to listen to Rishav’s music suggestions), and just have a ball. It doesn’t get much better than this. Go Forum, Lauren and Johnny]]>