Letter From the Editors- 5/1/16

our Forum. A place where people feel safe to write when they have something to say regardless of previous experience, where everyone can work together to create the best issues possible. A place for discussion and debate. Not a fabricated, over exaggerated form of reality, but a true one. The Forum needs heart. Not intensity or fluff specifically, but just for people to write in a way that asks, “So what?” A way that makes people want to read more. There can be a Forum that people are excited to read (crazy, right?!). ‘Forum’ is defined as, “a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged,” and, honestly, the exchange has been missing. This newspaper should be about what happens after it’s published; blurring the line between reader and writer; being real and not afraid and taking risks. So let’s go on an adventure, try anything once, and choose the third option together: c) All of the above Enjoy, Ella and Noa (Also, we’d like to thank Will Slater our Managing Editor, Hannah Scholes our Photo Editor, Mr. Fript, everyone who wrote/was interviewed for the issue, and the current editorial staff for their advice!)]]>