Letter From the Editors: 9/14/14

Finally, school is in swing. Everyone pat yourselves on the back for surviving the first full week. It has been quite the exhausting start, and I know the teachers are not wasting anytime administering essays, quizzes, and tests.

With homecoming coming up this weekend, there is a lot of excitement in the hallways, particularly for the Cross Country team (read more to see what Max Bucksbaum has to say about it). It may just be that 126 is going to be even better than 125.

The beginning of this school year has also been tainted with controversy outside of Latin. This edition features a sequel to the first Ferguson article as well as an editorial on Affinity Groups to show you how external events affect to our community.

Through excitement and controversy, the Forum will always be here to report and represent the voice of the student body. Have a great homecoming week and wear the orange and blue with a sense of pride, because we are all lucky to attend such a fantastic and accepting school.

Until next time,

Michael and Will]]>