Letter from the Editors: 2/17/2014

It might not even be the halfway point of second semester, but things here at The Forum are changing. This is the last issue before audition season begins, the last issue with the current setups of editors-in-chief.

That means it is my, Hedy’s, last edition as an editor of The Forum. If you’re missing me, I can be sure to be found sobbing in Mr. Fript’s office, begging him to let me back on. While I’m not going to stop writing for The Forum until my very last moments as a student at the Latin School (and, fair warning, will probably write a sappy retrospective toward the end of the year), I wanted to issue a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported the other outgoing editors and me in our journalistic pursuits whether by indulging us by reading and commenting or helping us improve. I don’t know what my high school experience would’ve been without it, which is why I’m so sad to let go. It’s not just the power, I promise.

But from both of us, we’d like to say that we’re really proud of this issue—with fifteen great articles, we know we’re ending what has been a great year for The Forum on a high note. Enjoy–The Forum is obviously better than any Valentine you might have had this past Friday. Love,

Hedy and Frani