Letter from the Editors: 12/1/2013

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are five things we, Hedy and Frani, are thankful for this week:

1. The much-needed five-day weekend. And the promise that a two-week break (and second semester senior status, for one of us) is only one eight day rotation away.

2. Mr. Sok, for helping us give The Forum a much-needed, much-appreciated makeover. Did you notice our new layout? Most the feedback we’ve received so far has been “wow, look at those cover images. incredible.” and “the new background image just blew me away” and  “it’s better than nytimes.com.”

3. The fifteen students who contributed articles to this issue, all of whom were willing to tackle issues like the (invisible) line between teachers and students, hazing, the honor council gathering, p-week assignments, and ACT scores. Yes, we have a staff to be thankful for.

4. Mr. Fript, for responding to our emails from his iPad at all hours of this Thanksgiving break with honest feedback and sometimes with autocorrect errors, to make sure The Forum doesn’t dissolve into anarchy.

5. You.

Show us your thanks by remembering to read, comment, and share with your friends!


Hedy and Frani