Letter From the Editors: 5/15/2013

Hey guys! The Forum’s back with its second-to-last issue, giving some of its best tips, tricks, and goodies for this year. This issue manages to reflect the feel of our community — there’s a little reminiscence, a little business as usual, and a whole lot of obsession over summer.

We know this is perhaps the most brutal time of the year and so we’re happy to provide you a means of procrastination –err– we mean, way to spend your study break 😉 (no, we aren’t against the creepy winky).  As the year narrows down and we all break out our summer wardrobe (bye bye fair isle), not only are we exposing more skin, but we’re exposing more controversy here at The Forum. This issue is gonna knock your socks off —  flip flops are more heat appropriate anyway and socks do not go. Speaking of the heat, we’re keeping you informed about the basketball team of the same name (Go Bulls!) and summer activities to keep you busy during the warm months ahead. This issue is hot and undeniably cool at the same time. What more could you ask for?

With love, iced beverages, and a huge thanks to our Managing Editor, Aidan Sarazen,

Blaike and Frani]]>