Letter from the Editors

The Forum can do the world (both inside and outside of the Latin Bubble) some justice. Granted, it’s a pretty large goal (especially for our first issue editing the paper), but with witty and wonderful articles ranging from Alex Kling’s exposé on the meteoric rise of the Ultimate Frisbee team to Mehr Singh’s interview with two soon-to-be-departing faculty members, we think we might be able to come close. Now go forth and read! –Rachel Stone and Hedy Gutfreund, Acting Editors-in-Chief Table of Contents:

  • Goodbye to Mr. Izen and Mr. Hawley – Mehr Singh
  • Kony 2012? – Caroline Kaplan
  • Lessons from the Trayvon Martin Case – Hedy Gutfreund
  • What Happens When the Birds and the Bees Don’t Want An Interspecies Hybrid – MJ Porzenheim
  • Lex in the City 2 – Alexa Fifield
  • A Test of Hope: Being a Cubs Fan – Michael Gross
  • College Acceptances in the Age of Facebook – Rachel Stone
  • Welcoming Back Ms. Cabral – Frani O’Toole
  • LIFE Preview: Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy – Grace Ebach
  • Musical Awakening – Samantha Fifield and Blaike Young
  • The Scene: Theatre in Chicago and Latin – Margie Muller
  • The Ultimate Transformation – Alex Kling
  • Spring Sports Preview – Julian Passman and Nour Hatoum
  • Not So Wander-ful – Tina Czaplinska
  • A Totally Unbiased Perspective on the Best Project Week Ever – Michael Berger
  • A Mostly Vomit-Free Week – Will Nuelle