Breaking: Amazing Race Project Week Cancelled


Beatrice Parr, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This afternoon, students and families received an email that the Amazing Race Project Week is cancelled due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) concerns. The group was scheduled to complete challenges in undisclosed American cities, and the email says, “the locations hosting various challenges had started to close their doors to guests or held a significant possibility of closing entirely.” Project leaders Ms. Metzler, Ms. Landis, and Mr. van Benthuysen are working to create a Chicago version of the trip that will be free of additional charge, and the school is working to refund families for the original trip as much as possible. In making their decision, the administration used the same criteria as was used with overseas projects, and currently has “no plans to cancel any other domestic Project Weeks.” Alice Mihas, a freshman who was on the trip, says, “I’m very upset but I feel like I don’t have a right to be because a bunch of super cool out of towns were cancelled. I’m just upset because I thought that we were in the clear, but we were not.”