Madelyn Hill's Etsy Endeavors

Jessica Flohr Many may know junior Madelyn Hill for her varsity golfing, delicious home-baked treats, or work with the robotics team. To add to this impressive list, Madelyn recently started selling her embroidery work on Etsy. Having only started embroidery this fall, Madelyn has already created many unique pieces. When asked what inspired her to take on embroidery as a hobby, Madelyn shared that it was “kind of two fold” in that she was “bored one day and had nothing to do,” and that she had been seeing embroidered shirts in stores, which “looked achievable.” Embroidery seemed like something fun and therapeutic she could work on, and from that point, this hobby blossomed into a creative gift for friends as well as a business endeavor. Junior Bella Flerlage received one of Madelyn’s works for her birthday and expressed that it was the “best birthday present anyone could get,” as it had personal touches, including Bella’s name and special pins. Freshman Giuliana Dowd said, “I was fortunate enough to get to know Madelyn on the golf team, and it was fascinating to see her in this new light. I admire her entrepreneurial, creative spirit.” The personal touches Madelyn is able to provide is a key component of her work–ranging from names to song lyrics. Her inspiration comes from her friends and places like Pinterest. Below is just one example of a jean jacket she embroidered.Since embroidery is not a common hobby, Madelyn shared that she has gotten some questioning looks from people, including strangers sitting next to her on a plane. Hopefully as Madelyn’s talents become more well known, people will continue wanting her incredible creations. If you are interested in purchasing one of Madelyn’s pieces, check out her Etsy here!]]>