Stick it with Noor


Robert Igbokwe Embroidery patches, locker decorations, floral phone cases, and creative multi-colored socks—personalization is all the rave nowadays. People want to show what makes them unique and companies know that. But it’s hard to express one’s individuality when just about everyone can buy the same Apple or Supreme sticker. Senior Noor Kamal, however, serves as Latin’s resident sticker-maker with one-of-a-kind designs. Noor has been designing and selling handmade stickers since freshman year. Her designs range from simple doodles to highly detailed sneakers that can be personalized for the buyer. While her business is now well-known throughout the Latin community, it started off as a small hobby that she used as a way to decorate her laptop. I started this process because I really wanted to put stickers on my laptop and had specific ideas,” Noor said. “There was no way that I could find a sticker that had the exact color scheme, item, and details that I wanted, so I started making my own.” As time went on, she realized others wanted to buy her stickers. “Freshman year, after I got good, the goal was probably to make a profit. I sold them for fifty cents a piece back in the day, but now I sell them for a little more.” Since each sticker is handmade, the process can be very time-consuming depending on the type of sticker. “If I’m making something super simple then it’s about 15 minutes,” Noor says. “If it’s a shoe like an Air Force One it would take about 35 minutes, just because I want to make sure the details are there. Making a sticker is pretty simple. I start off with adhesive sticker paper and draw the design in pencil lightly. Once the design is on there, I go over the pencil in ink pen. I wait a little bit for the ink to dry, erase the pencil marks, and color the design with a gel pen and/or alcohol-based art markers because they blend well. After being completely done with the design part, I carefully place clear tape on the sticker so that there’s a shine on the sticker. Then, I cut the design out with an exact-o knife, and boom. Sticker made.” Noor’s business has a grown exponentially over the years. Now, almost everyone has either heard of her stickers or bought one themselves, and she recently created several stickers for the Latinx Talent Show. Senior and frequent customer Anwar Mohammed says, “Noor’s stickers can be just as legit as other brands if people knew about them. Noor can draw just about anything and she will draw anyone a sticker because she loves art like that. I chose her stickers over other companies because I could customize whatever I wanted into a sticker to put on my laptop, and she’s my best friend and I’m supporting her hustle. Don’t sleep on her stickers y’all! COP!” With the success of her business, one can only wonder if Noor has any plans for continuing her business after her days at Latin. “I’ve never really thought about my goals for my sticker-making,” said Noor. “One of my goals with this was to make unique and detailed stickers that people want to have on their laptops. Another goal is to have fun in the process. I like making art, and I like making others feel something. My rule is that if I get too stressed out because of high demand or something, I’ll take a break. I don’t think my sticker selling will regularly continue in college, but I would still probably make and sell upon request. And I’d still continue making stickers, of course, because I like making them for myself and for my friends as gifts.” If you want a sticker of your own, email Noor at [email protected]. And make sure to check out her art Instagram @cactinoorart. ]]>