The FRESH New Freshman Locker Bay

Nina Burik If you have been walking the halls of the third floor, you have most definitely observed an unfamiliar and unexpected change within the high school: the freshmen have their own new locker bay. What are students’ true feelings regarding the freshmen locker bay? Well, as one could probably guess, the freshmen are ecstatic about this assignment. Freshman Lucy Mitchell said, “I really love having the locker bay.” This space allows students to socialize and collaborate with others. However, in a freshman’s eyes, there is one major con of having the locker bay: the inability to focus. “The locker bay is a nice space to do work, but it’s so compact with people… it’s hard to branch out to other parts of the building and focus on work,” Mitchell said. In other words, the locker bay is always crowded with loud students eager to talk. As a result, it is incredibly difficult to be productive. Another consequence of the freshmen’s new locker bay is their absence from the Learning Commons. Freshman Cece Buday said, “the bay sort of traps one in; you become so involved in what’s going on around you, that it is hard to leave.” Freshmen have not fully taken advantage of the new Commons study space, as they are frequently choosing to work in their bay, meaning more space for everyone else in the Learning Commons. In fact, the gift of the large locker bay has actually benefited the upperclassmen in the Commons, providing them with a quieter, less occupied space to complete assignments. Despite the freshmen’s elation, the upperclassmen are not quite as happy with this relocation. Junior Sophie Golub, said, “I feel bad for the seniors because they now have the smallest lounge.” She also added, “overall, I think it’s good for the freshmen, bad for the seniors, but it doesn’t really affect me at all.” That being said, if this trend continues, surely the Juniors will become opposed to this concept, as seniors. The freshmen do love their locker bay, though it seems to limit productivity. In many ways, it is a blessing as well as a curse. As for the upperclassmen, although initially upset, they have made their peace with the situation. At the end of the day, school is about community development and academic growth, two things that are definitely not reliant on a locker bay.]]>