Update on the Fourth Floor Bridge

Matthew Shrake The brand new, state-of-the-art fourth floor Learning Commons is one of the hottest topics of conversation this month as returning students and freshmen alike become familiar with the shift from a cafeteria and a library separated to a combined, college-esque space. Along with that also comes another great facet: a second bridge connected from the Learning Commons to the Science Center. The bridge, built quickly during the summer so that no major construction would go on during school, allows for an convenient passage to science classes. Traffic is likewise cut back as students opt for the new bridge as oppose to the second floor bridge, which is often congested with middle school students. Opinions on this part of the Learning Commons seem scarcely negative: “the fourth-floor bridge is convenient and makes the science department feel more connected to the high school,” says sophomore Timmy Devine. Sophomore Spencer Gunning adds, “the fourth-floor bridge is the best thing to happen here in the high school in terms of convenience.” Obviously, the students think highly of the bridge. Here is an update from one of the main people that made the whole project happen, Mr. Guzman, the Director of Operations here at Latin. Q: Because some students are wondering, is the fourth-floor bridge completed? Are there still some finishing touches on the exterior? JG: Final touches on the exterior of the 4th-floor bridge began today. We expect about another 10 days of work until it is finished. Q: Is there anything else that will be added to the bridge? JG: Metal panels to the exterior are being installed starting today. These are the final touches. Q: Will middle schoolers ever use this bridge to get to, say, the fourth floor? Are they even allowed to, or is the fourth-floor bridge only open to high school students? JG: There is no plan to restrict either division’s students to a specific bridge during or before/after school hours.]]>