Letter From the Editors: 10/16/16

Everyone’s sick… but not of The Forum! We know we tend to say it a lot, but this really is the best edition of the year. Every article has substance, a “so what,” a killer hook, and was written with purpose. We kicked off this issue with a meeting where we talked about what we really wanted to get out of a Forum article, asked ourselves “what’s up at Latin?” And this was the product. We got a celebrity— and not just Reis. We got Ella Katz to weigh in on Latin bromances— who is Keaton’s main bro? And we got Johnny Gross’ grand college reveal— is he going to USC? We writers put a lot of thoughts into this edition, but we know you’ve got opinions, too. Share them! Comment! And maybe even write us a Letter To the Editors if you’re feeling particularly ambitious! IMG_5152 (1)   Xoxo, Danielle and Madeline]]>