Letter From the Editors: 2/17/16

8 issues, hundreds of articles, and many late night phone calls later, our time working together as co-Editors-in-Chief for the Forum this year culminates with today’s final issue. This issue does everything the Forum stands for—it answers questions we’ve had for years (how much are local businesses affected by Latin students?), examines new upcoming developments in the community (what are Latin’s new ACT/SAT test prep class?), and explores the ins and outs of what makes Latin function the way it does (what is Latin’s social contract?). But more nostalgically for us, this issue was a time to recognize and celebrate all the ways the Forum’s grown this year. In addition to articles, we’ve expanded to listicles and quizzes, videos and photographs, cartoons and contests, and, our personal favorite, “Room for Debates.” We’ve gotten more writers and readers and comments, sparked more debates and meaningful conversations, and engaged more members of the community than we can count. And at the end of the day, that’s what we as editors of The Forum really hope to achieve. Thanks to Brianna and Chris for your infinite senior wisdom. Brianna, thank you for “intering” our lives—the Forum wouldn’t have nearly as much enthusiasm if it weren’t for you, and we’ll both miss you laughing at all our stupid ideas. Chris, thanks for keeping us in check and doing the best job on social media the Forum has ever seen. We’ll miss our groupchat. Thanks to Mr. Fript for your sage advice and constant reminders that it’s “our paper.” We wouldn’t be the writers we are today if it weren’t for you. So with that, good luck to everyone as auditioning season begins! May the odds be ever in your favor! It’s been fun. Xoxo, Danielle and Maddie ]]>