Math Puzzle #2

This puzzle combines both Sudoku and Suko puzzle rules. Using numbers 1–6, fill in all squares so that each number appears once in each row and each column. The bubbles indicate the sum of the boxes they are touching, and the boxes with the same corners shaded sum to the numbers indicated by the key at the bottom.

When you arrive at a solution, use this form to tell us how you solved it for a chance to have your approach and solution featured in our next edition!
Hint: Remember your Sudoku rules.








Solution to 12/15/20 puzzle, provided my Upper School math teacher, Zach McArthur:

Mr. McArthur first found the five in the upper left corner by noticing that the other two boxes with the upper left corners shaded sum to four. Next, by filling in possible values for each box and eliminating them until only one remained, he determined the arrangement of the four numbers summing to twelve near the bottom right corner, then the numbers in the top row, then the rest of the puzzle.