Math Puzzle #3


Akshay Garapati, Staff Writer

Using numbers 1–9, fill in the grid so that each row, column, and diagonal has the same sum.  You may use each number only once. For the second puzzle, use numbers 1–25.

When you arrive at a solution, use this form to tell us how you solved it for a chance to have your approach and solution featured in our next edition!

Hint: Try to find a pattern

Solution to 1/15/20 puzzle, provided by freshman Maddox Hussar:


Using the key at the bottom of the puzzle, Maddox started to write down possible values for each box. When he found himself unable to deduce a value for a given box, he tested one of the possibilities and proceeded to solve as if his guess was correct. If he reached a point at which there were no solutions for a box, or sums turned out incorrect, he returned to the point where he guessed and tried a different value.