What’s Up with Stud. Gov?


Jessica Flohr Since the last Student Government update in the Forum, we have been busy planning events to make the next few months at school fun and meaningful. In October, Student Government led a fundraiser which raised about $580 for breast cancer research. The money was donated to The Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation which is a local Chicago organization that works to advance breast cancer research and treatment. Additionally, the Thanksgiving gathering was a huge success with members of the community having written a total of more than 200 compliments. The gathering was a way to show both students and faculty that they are appreciated, and it brought the school together before time off for the holiday. There are also some super exciting events coming up, including Winter Ball. Last year Winter Ball made a comeback and we are looking forward to it happening again. Leading up to the ball last year, we had a spirit week which culminated in a themed dance in the gym. We have already begun discussing possible themes for this year. Also coming up, we have some fun athletic events and the Roman 2 Roman and Student Government service event. Last year was the first time Roman 2 Roman and Student Government collaborated to put together a service event in which the high school gathered in the gym to make sandwiches and bagged lunches for those who are food insecure. We are thrilled to run this event again as it is a fantastic way to help others as a community. Student Government has been working to be as transparent as possible about what we are doing and therefore we hosted an open Student Government meeting. In the near future, we will be sending out a feedback survey to see how you feel the school year is going. If you have any questions please feel free to ask any of your grade reps or the executive committee, and look out for more Student Government updates in future editions of the Forum.   Freshman Grade Reps: Phoebe Lembeck – [email protected] Gavin Snyder – [email protected] Charlie Williams – [email protected] Shreya Wojno – [email protected]   Sophomore Grade Reps: Pamela Cameron – [email protected] Henry Coleman – [email protected] Peter Jones – [email protected] Cole Lindemann – [email protected]

Junior Grade Reps: Savannah Brock – [email protected] Nick Chu – [email protected] Jessica Flohr – [email protected] Maya Passman – [email protected] Senior Grade Reps: Olivia Baker – [email protected] Adam Cole – [email protected] Stephanie Racker – [email protected] Margo Williams – [email protected]

Executive Committee: Senior Prefect: Jonah Schenk – [email protected] Junior Prefect: Michael Meagher – [email protected] Communications Chair: Robert Kelly – [email protected] Social Chair: Joe Kennedy – [email protected]]]>