An Overachiever’s Guide to a Super Summer

Paige Hosbein Want to optimize the summer vacation? While summer may seem like a long ways away, crafting perfect, productive plans often requires forward-thinking. This list of suggestions that Latin students have pursued in the past is great for the classic overachiever. #1: Take a GOA From Medical Problem Solving to Introduction to Investments to Abnormal Psychology, there is a GOA for every passion. GOAs are especially great to take over the summer because they are conducive to a variety of schedules. As an added bonus, Latin provides school credit for them. Senior Emily Bernhardt noted, “Last summer, I took the Medical Problem Solving GOA. It was not super time-consuming, and it was cool to take a class with students from around the world. So, I think if you’re interested in a subject not offered at Latin and you’d like to take a GOA, the summer is a great time to do it. 10/10 would recommend. #2: Finish Art or Computer Science Credits Planning courses for next year and finding that there is no time to take electives? Taking a visual art or computer science course over the summer will allow more time to take electives during the school year. For sophomore Eliza Bufferd, “Photography permitted the time in my schedule to take cosmology, which I otherwise couldn’t have done. Plus, I loved taking photography over the summer because I could take photos all afternoon after class.” #3: Get a Job Not only do jobs provide some extra spending money, but they are also fun and teach valuable skills, such as teamwork and management. Junior Bella Flerlage, a Summer at Latin counselor, cheerfully said, “I’ve been working at Summer at Latin for the past three years and I couldn’t imagine spending my summers any other way. We do lots of activities and art projects with the kids. Anyone who is looking for an engaging, fun job should come and join!” Furthermore, junior Emma Beier highlighted that “working is a rewarding experience because it teaches you how to talk with people you’ve never met, increases confidence, and builds character. Over the summer, I I taught tennis lessons to little kids at a tennis club called Bryn Mawr while also completing chores around the club.” #4: Go To A Summer Camp At A University You’re Interested In Summer camps at universities allow students to delve into interesting topics in a college setting. “Educational summer programs allowed me to explore my passions and deepen my understanding of the fields that I am most interested in,” senior Ram Redeli said. “They are unique from high school because you are exposed to the ideas of students from around the world. For instance, students were able to bring completely different perspectives to my economics class, as each country functions differently.”  #5: Read Given Latin students’ packed schedules, it is difficult to find time to read for fun during the school year. It is hard enough to finish reading assignments required for classes. So, take the time to visit the local library or Barnes and Noble to pick up a good book to read on the airplane, under a tree, or on the beach. Below are just a few recommendations according to specific interests to reference later.

  • For the Nike fan: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • For the student interested in neuroscience: Who’s in Charge?: Free Will and the Science of the Brain by Michael Gazzaniga
  • For the critical thinker / seeker: I Am That Girl: How to Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose, and #bethatgirl by Alexis Jones
Hopefully these suggestions will help to maximize the summer and crush 2019 goals! With that being said, don’t forget to allocate some time to relaxing on the beach as well because recharging is just as important.]]>