Latin Alum To Academy Awards Board

Little Miss Sunshine, starring Abigail Breslin, Steve Carell, and Alan Arkin. Most everyone has heard of these famous actors, but not many people could tell you who produced this movie. Albert Berger, a Latin alumnus who has made his mark in the movie world and was recently inducted as a member of the Board of Governors for the Academy Awards. The Board of Governors is the seat of power at the Academy, with authority over everything from Oscar rules to the contracts offered AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) officials. Berger attended the Latin School (Class of 1975) and participated in basketball, soccer, and film club. He had a senior page in the yearbook with quotes and quips alike. Although, in his picture, his hair took up a good fourth of the page. Now, with a little less hair, Albert produces movies through his company Bona Fide Productions. His most recent project was the film Nebraska, nominated in the 2013 Academy Awards in the Best Picture category. He is also known for producing Cold Mountain in 2003, which received a number of Academy Award nominations. Little Children, Ruby Sparks and The Ice Harvest are several other popular movies that he produced. Throughout the years, Berger has often invited the Latin community to screenings of his movies. Being appointed to the board is a huge honor. Often called the “official runner up for all elections” by his friends in high school, Berger represents all of them and, in this new position, he evaluates (along with others) the producers who are nominated for an Oscar. There are seventeen branches in the Academy, in addition to Berger’s. Albert Berger had a passion that he pursued in high school and carried on in his life after college. He made his hobby into his job. What more could one ask for? He has dominated his field, and although he may not be well known, he is still one of the most talented producers around. So in the spirit of Latin alum Albert Berger, find a passion, pursue it, and try to make some magic. But maybe wait until after finals week….]]>