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Overheard at Latin

By Nydia Monroy

Latinpalooza. Finals. Prom. Summer Break. If I had a penny for every time these topics were mentioned, I’d have many pennies. Therefore, we’ll move on to the random talk that sneaks in through the crevices of those conversations. I’m talking about the weird, quirky, and witty side conversations and remarks. With school coming to a close, Overheard at Latin wants to give you a final glimpse at what you’ve been missing throughout the school. Here’s a list of casual phrases that have caught attention:


*Talking about poster with statistical info posted on wall*

“ Woah, 66%. That’s one six away from the devil’s number. Coincidence? I think not.”


*Teacher talking to student while she works on Mickey Mouse Project*

Teacher: Can we switch places? You find me an apartment and I’ll finish your painting for you.


*Teacher taking attendance*

Student: Where is [she]?

Teacher: Probably ditched.

Student 2: No, I didn’t see her in class.

Teacher: No, she ditched.


*In a geometry class*

Student: But what would be on the test?

Teacher: Geometry.

*Student receives cookies for her birthday*

Student: FOOD! Thank you!

*Talking about a student’s middle name*

Student: Please tell me your mother did not do that to you.


Student: I just don’t see you as the “got a math tattoo” type.


Student: It’s like winter on your chest but summer on your arms.


Student: Sometimes I think they’re taking these elections too seriously, but other times I’m like free food, thanks.

Student: I’m just going to start using Lilo & Stitch as my background.


Student: It smells like gym in here. But not just any gym, our gym.


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