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Coffee with Chris

Chris Maurice

When roaming the halls looking for someone to interview, I came across freshman Sam Orlin sitting by his locker, wrapping up his physics homework. I asked him if I could interview him, and he accepted.

Sam, not a fan of coffee, didn’t want to go to Starbucks, so we sat in the cafeteria and ate chocolate croissants, which are amazing I must say. Though this interview wasn’t conducted at a Starbucks, or while drinking coffee, I assure you it is still up to par! Sam is a great guy to talk with and constantly cracked jokes throughout the time we talked.

We started off our conversation talking about what makes high school so special. Sam, coming from the Middle School, enjoys the freedom that comes with high school (which is something we all appreciate, especially when there are options like Chipotle nearby!). Sam also really likes all the teachers he has this year. They make classes more fun and go by faster. This year, Sam is looking forward to Project Week. With the deadline to sign up for Project Week past us, Sam and I discussed what we each wanted to do. Sam’s first choice was “Wilderness Backpacking and Kayaking,” the Project Week that I went on last year! I informed Sam that it would be one of the hardest things he will ever do, but it is worth it in the end. Sam still seemed interested in going.

It always amazes me to realize how much I have in common with people that I barely know. Sam and I both haven’t updated to IOS 7, our favorite lunch in the cafeteria is pasta, and neither of us are big fans of coffee. Yes I must admit it now, this article may be called Coffee with Chris, but I never drink coffee while interviewing other students. Because Sam doesn’t like coffee, the only drink that interests him at Starbucks is hot chocolate, which is what I drink on these cold winter days.

Sam told me how great of a younger brother he is to senior Jake Orlin because he is able to make Jake laugh. When I asked Sam if Jake was a good brother, he declined to comment. On another note, Sam’s go-to snack in the cafeteria is M&M’s, but when it comes to his favorite Halloween candy it is Twix. It seems that Sam just can’t make up his mind on what candy to get, a struggle we all face when waiting in line to buy our lunch.

When I asked Sam one thing that he wants school to know about him, he said how he walked into the computer across from the cafeteria and needed 5 stitches. Who knows why Sam felt it was necessary for the school to know this. Maybe he was trying to express the danger technology has on society? Or maybe Sam doesn’t want to see this happening to someone else? Whatever it is, everyone keep your heads up for that dangerous computer! Sam also has a love for music; he can drum, and knows lots of songs from different years. He hopes to one day have a career in music production.

Through all of the articles I’ve done, I’ve learned a lot about different people, and have had something in common with all them. Sam is a great guy to talk to, and who knows, you might have something in common with him too!]]>

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    scohen3Dec 2, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    You guys rock. Love from college #stillreadtheforum

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