The Street




Why so serious Rachel Stone? I caught these two ladies ambling along the fourth floor, and when I pulled out my camera they agreed to be photographed on the condition that I photograph both of them. I joyously complied. I loved the shirt-jean combination on Sam’s side—it was one of the most fashionable smart casual looks I’ve seen in awhile. Rachel broke out with her denim Oxfords, and complimented Sam’s vibrant shirt with an array of black pieces. They made a fashion-forward pair.



I’m a big fan of the platform Converse shoe, so when I saw Affy donning a pair outside of the cafeteria, I knew I had to get a picture.  In addition to the rad footwear, I liked the printed t-shirt and the earthy cardigan. All in all, Affy looked awesome.



Blaike brought me back to the days of cowboys and Indians, sporting cowboy boots and a Native American print. I loved the shape of this dress, and thought it gave a really quirky feel to the look. I always love to see people wearing looser clothing and looking great.