Charlotte Collins and Erika Marcinek Hello sweet children, That’s right, Cherika is waking from a peaceful slumber, and much like people awakening from the dead, we know it’s scary to hear from us again. But fear not! We return with that same friendly yet aggressively sassy vibe you expect from us and admire us for. So with that we shake the cemetery-dirt off our steadily warming fingers and sit down to type you another article. First we must address our absence from the Forum lately and the stress and trauma it has caused the greater Latin community. “Where are those hot funny girls who write those articles we love? I want them here so I can ask them out! Believe us popular boys, look closely and you’ll find that not only are we around, we’re everywhere. What have we been doing for the past two months, you might ask? Nothing and everything. Anyway, let’s bring it home here. We don’t know about the rest of you, but Cherika went on spring break. While we hear some Latiners/most teens spend these weeks hanging out with a large group of friends, traveling to exciting locations, sharing punch bowls and Ice Breakers (Jawbreakers?), and having a rollicking good time; we did not. This leads well into the purpose of this article: how to spend two weeks indoors. Yes, we know some people might hear that and think, “wow, wouldn’t doing that inspire cabin fever-like madness and a deep growing resentment of one another?” First of all, we have a perfect relationship and the fact that you suggested that makes us want to cover your car in post-it-notes, loser. Secondly, the only thing that could inspire insanity in us would be the absence of Tom Kloehn (or his presence!…check out his profile picture, we want to be held like that fish). Number 1: Crafts, crafts, crafts. In the time we spent together over spring break we busied ourselves in a number of ways, from dying easter eggs to baking cookies. Number 2: There were parties over break? Doesn’t that go against the rule of not going outside? Nice try, liars. Number 3: No showering. No changing pants (no pants). Number 4: Rack of lamb for breakfast! Number 5: Indoor iditerod racing is always fun. For this we had to bring in the aforementioned popular boys who are simultaneously very strong and very willing to pull us on sleds (who wouldn’t be). Number 6: Dog fighting. This also involves those popular boys. Well, it’s been a heavenly two weeks and it’s going to be tough to go back to regularly socializing/seeing the sun. But there’s nothing to ease you back into school like not making eye contact with anyone and touching a lot of lower backs. Day 1 is already going as planned. Back into the graves we go, until you lucky bastards get to hear from us again. Xoxo Cherika      ]]>