Ladies Basketball

Giana Miller Staff Writer Take a deep breath and I’m sure you’re smelling the Christmas scent of a Starbucks peppermint mocha or your mouth is watering at the smell of latkes. Either way the holidays are approaching and that means one thing: basketball season.  If you’re ever wandering through the school stairwell past 3:45 you might get shoved to the side as the girls basketball team rushes by, motivating each other to go faster and further. When I asked Michelle Santos, member of the JV team, to describe the average practice she replied,   “We practice shooting, we scrimmage and run, a lot”.  Girl’s basketball has new recruits from the freshman class this year, including Keegan Barone. I asked her what it was like being a new member on a team “Usually, we get that one stereotype of being the worst at everything and people think we won’t be able to contribute to the team. But the JV basketball team this season has been really supportive of us and everyone is really friendly and is alot of fun to be around”. They work really hard and all their games are nail biters, go to the girls basketball game this Friday at 4:30 right here at Latin!]]>