What's Up in Gallery 2?

Affy Koungoulos Staff Writer Students continue to be part of the Latin community even after they graduate, and the display of alumni’s artwork in Gallery 2 is a perfect example of that. This month, some exceptional pieces created by Aaron Wolf (class of 2007) have decorated the bulletin boards, and I was lucky to catch him between conversations with fans  to ask him more about his art and the creative process behind it. After my characteristically awkward introduction, I learned that Aaron’s interest in art didn’t parallel the plot of a cliché, straight-to-DVD movie, but developed after taking Ms. Ross’ Photo I class. He admitted that he was originally skeptical of photography, but was instantly converted and went on to pursue the rest of her photo classes, paired with photography-centered ISPs in his upperclassman years. He also supplemented photography classes with photo themed extra-curriculars such as Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook and The Forum’s own photo editor. Post-graduation, Aaron opted to take a gap year and travel abroad. A semester in Oxford found him working for a wedding photographer, and studying architecture when he wasn’t documenting couples smashing cake into each other’s faces. Later, he supplemented photography classes in Florence with classes on sculpture. He ended up majoring in visual arts and physics, explaining that he “was interested in combining math and photos.” When asked which piece he is most proud of, Aaron didn’t hesitate in pointing out his final project. He told me that his goal was to “create 3D spaces on paper using overall shapes of buildings,” leaving me incredibly impressed at his artistic wizardry. Who knew math was actually useful outside of the textbook? It was a great opportunity being able to talk to Aaron, and I look forward to seeing some of those amazing pieces featured in a magazine someday.]]>